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Brenna v.K.

Brenna v.K. (Brenna von Kleist) makes a fluent jump from electronic music producer to singer/songwriter with her debut single “Promises of Pretty Things.” Written, produced and arranged by Brenna, this song is a strong start to her nascent music career.

It makes no difference if you’re into electronic or alternative music, this track seamlessly bridges the gap between the two. Brenna’s laid-back and effortless vocal delivery brings a human and vulnerable touch to a bed of frosty synths, comfortably blending woman and machine. Underneath it all, the drum track puts you in a trance-like state with a rhythm that feels like a constantly skipping heartbeat, making this a song that is not only heard, but felt.

If you’ve ever been in a state of flux between numbness and a heavy heart, lay back and put this song on repeat. You’ve found your anthem.

Listen to the interview with Brenna v.K. as she talks about her debut release and more!


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Check out “Promises of Pretty Things”
Brenna v.K.’s top 10 favorite songs (in no particular order):

1. Backmask – Mindless Self Indulgence

2. On – Aphex Twin

3. Days Of Phoenix – AFI

4. Be There 4 U – Ill Skillz

5. Automation Structures – Coaltar of the Deepers

6. A Line You Can Cross – Lansing Dreiden

7. Forest Hymn – Deep Forest

8. The Captain – The Knife

9. Ice Cube – Juno Reactor

10. Caribbean Blue – Enya